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Compliance & Accreditations

The Urb.Ox Oxygen sensor is RoHS compliant which is a product level compliance based on the European Union's Directive 2002/95/EC. Add to that MCERTS certification, CMOSens® Technology for IR detection, and NIST-traceable ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration technology for high accuracy.

Questions & Answers

Air contains approximately 21% Oxygen, 78% Nitrogen, 0.9% Argon, and 0.1% other trace gases. The Urb.Ox outdoor Unit separates this oxygen through a unique process called Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) for the generation of enriched oxygen gas from ambient air. It then pumps in this 90-95% pure oxygen indoors.
Yes. Applied for the patent.
Urb.Ox Smart Sensible Oxygen Generator comes with an indoor and outdoor unit. The outdoor unit requires very little space and is installed in a comfortable place outdoors or in any free space inside the house or office like the balcony where it is exposed to the outside atmospheric air. The indoor unit is installed inside the room on the wall. Installation is hassle-free and easy, and the sleek unit merges in with any room décor.
The Urb.Ox indoor device is designed to measure various level of gases in the room. When turned on, the world-class ‘Smart Sensible’ device continuously measures the level of Oxygen in the room, updating you 24x7 in real-time.
The answer is NO. You will not fall sick when you go out in the outdoor environment. Oxygen is not addictive as well. This is purely designed to keep you safe from the Oxygen deficient indoors. Oxygen may help boost your immune system rather than causing any adverse damage to you in the controlled environment.
Let’s begin with a parallel example: The difference between a refrigerator and an air-conditioner. While a fridge can cool a limited place an AC can cool a whole room. The difference lies in the cooling capacity of the compressor. Same is with an Oxygen Concentrator and an Oxygen Generator. The former is used in small-capacity home medical systems. A normal Concentrator cannot produce higher pressure like 65 PSI or 4.48 bar, whereas an Oxygen Generator can work with this kind of pressure and spread Oxygen in the whole room. To put it more simply, an Oxygen Concentrator would work for an individual person while an Oxygen Generator will work for the entire family or say an entire office.
Due to our advanced technologies, our devices – both the outdoor unit and the indoor unit are especially quiet whilst not compromising on the performance of the device in anyway. The outdoor unit draws and concentrates Oxygen to supply to the indoor unit without any noise and is seemingly efficient and less power-consuming even if it runs for a longer time. This perfection in innovation is the result of meticulous research and planning, and using HIGH-QUALITY materials.
Using it with the air-conditioner is highly recommended. Usually the room doors and windows are shut when the AC is turned on to keep the cold air inside, thus circulating the same stale air. This can be the perfect setup for using Urb.Ox Smart Sensible Oxygen Generator to optimize the Oxygen levels in the room. However, the device can also be used without an AC but the doors and windows need to be kept closed.
As per the current Scientific evidence, there are no recorded incidents of excess Oxygen causing any health issues if the concentration is less than 23%. Also, unlike the medical-grade oxygen installed via metal pipes, we provide fire-proof tubing. The Urb.Ox Smart Device delivers the Oxygen from the outdoor device to your room in a safe and controlled way so you can feel safe. Yes, and Oxygen indoors when optimized does not cause a Fire Hazard.
No, Oxygen is not addictive at all. A large number of people express their concern regarding this and try to decrease the time they are on Oxygen or totally avoid it. Supplemental Oxygen is prescribed when the lungs have become weak due to conditions like COPD and the 21% Oxygen in the air is now not sufficient for the lungs which results in low level of O2 in the blood. In order to make the lungs feel like as if they are in a normal healthy environment, they need some extra Oxygen so that the Oxygen exchange with blood is exactly same as it would have been with normal healthy lungs.
You can use the product 24 hours X 365 days without any harm. Urb.Ox Smart Sensible Oxygen Generator is fully automated and the unit switches on/off based on the Oxygen concentration in the room. So, once you switch on, the device runs efficiently all by itself. We recommend using it when you are in your room or in the office space where you spend most of your quality time. Oxygen energizes you making you feel rejuvenated. You and your family can lead a healthy lifestyle with the freshness of Oxygen just like in the forest or on the mountains. For gaining the maximum benefit from the released Oxygen, we advise you to keep your doors and windows closed just like you would do for an AC.

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