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Urb.Ox is a high-tech enterprise integrating state-of-the-art R&D, designing, development, and manufacture of environmentally friendly products.
Our innovations are based on an understanding of our environment and the relationship between people’s way of living and the product. Complying with a simplistic and ‘NATURAL LIVING’ philosophy, we choose to use natural eco-friendly materials as much as we can, while keeping the sustainability of the product in mind. What’s more, we are committed to original design.
Our excellent product ideas come from an accumulation of life experience, in-depth research, dedicated teamwork, and out-of-the-box thinking, leading to miraculous product developments!

Redefining Design

We believe that true beauty is borderless. Good product designs and evolvement are reflections of emotional ties between humankind and nature. We focus on beautiful, simple, and sustainable life details which are aesthetically appealing and super-efficient at the same time.
Creative, Innovative, and Exceptional have always been kept in the mind to ensure delivery of good quality and healthy products to our customers.

Make in India

Through the years, we have progressively improved our R&D processes with new innovative state-of-art technologies to MAKE IN INDIA. Yes, we have tirelessly worked and developed partnerships to completely develop our new product – Urb.Ox Smart Oxygen Generator in INDIA. We have taken humongous efforts to make sure that we have used WORLD-CLASS sensors and components. And, we are really proud about this!!

Thought Process

We cared much about the development of the Quality product as we did with the aesthetics. Our strategic approach & uniqueness is what makes us different & great to work with. We have been dedicated to researching and developing environmental solutions, particularly in personal health and well-being. With the world’s best specialists and scientists working hand-in-hand, we strongly believe that we can achieve our mission and make our vision a reality.

Be Good,
Do Good

We stand for improving the quality of air that we breathe in the indoors and retrieve the right to breathe pure Oxy-Rich air. Our products have always been recurrently evaluated to stand the test of time and high density of pollutants in the air. We aim to innovate and create solutions that would facilitate pure air to people, no matter where they are.
You are Good. Then we are Good and Happy.

Eureka Moments

The best products and brands are a result of powerful moments of connection. We have invested our efforts & budget to develop innovative products able to bring a Eureka of change to the air we breathe in. Our unique competitive advantage is that we complement our high-tech products with an innovative and modern design. In today’s world, the design of a product plays a major role in decision-making, this prompted us to take that extra effort to deliver not just practical, but innovative product to you.

Our Basecamp

We strive to expand our knowledge and diversify our expertise globally, with the aim to make the world a cleaner and purer place to live in. Our Product Development was fun with associated partners around the Globe sharing the expertise, innovation and modern design. Through the years, we have progressively improved our Research & Development process with new Associated partners across the planet. Simply said, this is our bread & butter, the fuel to keep us moving forward and dare we say, we will never settle. Innovation is our Key. We believe in innovating and working to create products that stand as the best to help you breathe better.

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