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Urb.Ox Smart Sensible Oxygen Generator

Exceptional long-term stability and compact ultra-slim design

Fully calibrated digital output with superior accuracy in mass concentration sensing

High-quality RoHS compliant medical grade Oxygen sensors

First mass-market MCERTS certified Particulate Matter sensor

CMOSens® Technology for IR detection, enabling highly accurate Carbon Dioxide measurement

Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure sensor

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Why Urb.Ox

Urb.Ox India is a true innovator combining global technical know-how to come up with a world-class product.

We follow the highest international standards like RoHS compliance, which is a product level compliance based on the European Union's Directive 2002/95/EC.

Our Make in India manufacturing process makes the product affordable and ‘price perfect’.

Our robust back-end services and high ethical standards assure customers total peace of mind.

Work Process

Pure air comprises of 21% oxygen (78% nitrogen and 1% other gases). Our best-in-class UrbOx Device gives you Pure & Fresh Oxygen and simultaneously performs as an Air Purifier with Smart Features keeping you connected to the device at all times through an App.

  • Captures Atmospheric Air

    Air from the atmosphere is captured
    by the Outdoor Unit.

  • Process of Filtration

    Separates Oxygen from other gases
    through a filtration process,
    and is compressed

  • Fresh Oxygen

    Adjusts the way the harvested oxygen
    is delivered and fills your room
    with Fresh Oxygen continuously.

Benefits of an Oxygen Generator

Transform Your Metabolism With Fresh Oxygen

Creates a healthy environment for the entire family by REDUCING STRESS

Especially ventilates bedrooms and IMPROVES SLEEP

INCREASES STAMINA and enhances performance in Indoor gyms

Improves PERFORMANCE and ENERGY LEVELS at the workplace, yielding High Productivity

Increases alertness in classroom environments

Increases Indoor Air Quality in Operation Theaters and Clinics

Aids recovery for isolated or post-operative care patients

Freshens the air in crowded places like restaurants and multiplexes

Increases Immunity and reinforces bodily resistance


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Transforming Indoor Urban Environments!

Urb.Ox Smart Oxygen Generator is a blessing of health for indoor urban spaces, be it your home, office, gymnasium, or any other place. It marks a new chapter in healthy living.


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Public Spaces

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