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Urb.Ox Smart Sensible Oxygen Generator

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1 Indoor Unit (AQI)

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4 Air Dispensers
1 Indoor Unit (AQI)

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A Product of Pure Innovation!

Urb.Ox Smart Oxygen Generator is a first-of-its-kind product based on intense Research and Development. Urb.Ox has exceptional long-term stability and is easy to install and operate. The sleek design perfectly complements the superior technology. It’s originally a MADE IN INDIA product, designed in partnership with leading technology companies from across the world.


World-Class O2 Sensors

To begin with, the fully calibrated digital output with superior accuracy in mass concentration sensing is unparalleled in the market. The Oxygen sensor is RoHS compliant, based on the European Union's Directive 2002/95/EC. It performs flawlessly and with amazing accuracy which helps to maintain the perfect balance of Oxygen in an indoor environment. The sensor has been procured from a leading company in Switzerland who are globally renowned for their technological knowhow.

Accurate Reading of PM or Dust Levels

Urb.Ox is proud to have the first mass-market MCERTS certified Particulate Matter sensor. PM2.5 and PM10 refers to particulate matter with diameters up to 2.5 microns and 10 microns, which are the most dangerous and can travel deep into the human lungs and trigger asthma attacks or cause diseases. The MCERTS certified Particulate Matter (PM) sensor marks a new technological breakthrough in optical PM sensors. Its measurement principle is based on laser scattering and makes use of innovative contamination-resistance technology.

The Best-In-Class Co2 Sensor

CMOSens® Technology for IR detection enables highly accurate Carbon Dioxide measurement.
It comes with a high signal-to-noise ratio and high process capability, and is proven to be extremely reliable and stable. Again, the calibration of Urb.Ox sensors are performed by our partners with a reference sensor which is NIST-traceable through an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory.

An Environment of Excellence

The Urb.Ox device uses the temperature sensor and the humidity sensor together to form a single unit. This also enables an accurate and point-precise determination providing utmost accuracy. Using this advanced German Technology, precision levels are ±3% accuracy for humidity, ±1 hPa accuracy for pressure, and ±1.0°C accuracy for temperature.

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